Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer time

It´s summer time and vacation time. The blog is also taking a vacation while I will be busy doing as little as possible, enjoying time with my family and friends. Looking forward to see you again in September.

Until then, enjoy these photos from our visit to the west coast.

I wish each and every one of you a good summer!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A perfect summer knit

I couldn’t wait beginning to knit with my newly purchased yarn. In case you didn’t read my last post it is Pickles angora. Cut angora. This is important if you care for the welfare of the animals, which I do.

I’ve chosen the Pickles pattern “Knæsj Cardigan” or “Mardi Cardi” in English. My version of the cardigan shall be named “The paradox cardigan” since I have chosen the less “knæsj” colour (“knæsj” means something very colourful or with strong colour) in the whole Pickles shop.

I was afraid that this jacket would take a looong time because the yarn is very thin, but knitting with needles sized 4mm makes this project go fast even if it is a grown up size. So fast that when I should have switched needle size from 3.5 mm to 4 mm after the ribbing was done, I forgot. Now I have to undo until I reach the ribbing, switch to 4 mm and continue.

Anyhow, it’s a perfect summer knit because it weights close to nothing and I can knit in the round (yes another knit in the round and cut jacket – I still have the other uncut though). It feels like feather and I cant wait to wear it!

Hope you are enjoying summer so far!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Guess where I have been?

I finally made it. I finally made it to this candy shop for knitting folks, the Pickles shop. And with that, my “knitting only from my stash” attempt has had a little set back. However, the only one who knows this is me… and you.

I could have spent a lot more time and money than I did. Fortunately or misfortunately depending on how you see it, I had to be quick about my visit, since mr. Yonder and gang were waiting for me outside the shop.

After considering different projects and type of yarns and colours (there are so many beautiful colours), I ended up with several skeins of Pickle Angora. I think I will knit it into something for me. If I do, it will be my second ego knit in less than a year.

What’s on your needles? Do you drop knitting completely because of sunny days and warmer temperatures? Do you have other activities you prefer in summertime? Or have you begun preparing the wardrobe for fall and winter?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The benefits of procrastinating

So what do you do when you are finished knitting a jacket in the round that needs to be cut? And you are terrified. Well of course, you are absolutely right: you begin binding of threads on your previous project. The one you didn’t think you’ll ever finish.

Procrastination is a perfect fear-managing tool. Besides it goes hand in hand with “finishitis” and “startitis”. Because you always need a knit, and if you are procrastinating one project you either have to finish an older one or begin a new one.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Knit and cut

The waves are coming along. Slowly but steady. It’s the first time I knit a jacket in the round. With purl stitches in the middle as a guideline for where I need to cut.

I’ll begin on the arms tonight and almost hope they take me a while because I am terrified at the thought of cutting into the knit. I need someone to hold my hand while I do this. Yes, I am serious. You have no idea how serious I am. Just go ahead laugh.

I vision two scenarios. One where I cut the jacket, everything goes wrong and I end up in tears, frustration, and lots of wasted yarn and time. The other scenario is much jollier. I come back and write a whole post about how silly I am and how ridiculous easy cutting a knit is and how everyone should be doing it. She who waits will see.

Have a nice weekend!